Sunday, January 23, 2011

APRS Messenger v2.98

I've just uploaded APRS Messenger v2.98 to the webpage:

This version now has a remote control feature to allow the APRS over HF digimodes and VHF TNC transmit functions to be enabled or disabled by an APRS message.

In the initial set-up screen you can enter the callsign and SSID of the remote control station. You can also enter the remote control messages to stop and start the igate transmit function. The defaults are "Igate transmit ON" and "Igate transmit OFF" but these can be changed to any 18 character message.

Remote control messages can be set over VHF (if a TNC is used), APRS over HF digimodes or the APRS-IS. A confirmation message "Confirm igate transmit ON" or "Confirm igate transmit OFF" is sent out to the remote control station over the APRS-IS if connected. When transmit is disabled the program still functions as a receive only Igate.

On HF digimodes the sound card transmit is enabled or disabled. Using a VHF TNC the comm port RTS output is enabled or disabled to control the TNC.

This is useful in countries where closedown arrangements have to be made for unattended use or where APRS igate operators would like a remote control facility when away from home.


Chris, G4HYG

Chris Moulding
Cross Country Wireless Ltd

New version of APRSISCE/32 released

A new version of APRSISCE/32 has been released in the APRSISCE Yahoo group ( Here's the major new features in this release. Please join the Yahoo group to download the full Release Notes if you're interested in more details. There's also a (woefully inadequate) Wiki available at

Major New Features:

AltNets (aprs101.pdf chapter 4) are supported.

"Auto-Reply" is now supported for responding from an unattended station

Support beaconing compressed locations as well as ambiguous positions

EchoLink nodes can now be queried, filtered, and displayed as objects

Dead Reckonging shows stations moving based on their last position, heading, and speed

WinMo Only: Track and Display Cellular coverage changes

Support fledgling AVRS server contacts directly from station popup menu (See

Support NWS Alert ( reception and MultiLine Object ( drawing. Click the "Counties" or "Zones" links to find your 3 character NWS office ID.

Weather information is parsed and displayed (summary in labels, details in popup)

Now support Weather Object / Station beaconing with WxNow.txt-format data file input

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Installing UI-View and Precision Mapping on Win7 and Vista

I have extensively updated the "UIview Notes" and "Using Precision Mapping 8" pages on my website, to reflect a new and improved installer for the Precision Mapping Server 7 plug-in for Uiview.

The new installer packaging for PMap Server 7.07 now works directly in Windows 7 (either 32 or 64 bit versions) without the clumsy and involved install procedure previously required. The same Precision Mapping Server Ver 7.07 is installed, but the installer program itself now works on these two newer versions of Windows.

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf (at)
Home Page:

*** HF APRS over PSK63 ***

"APRS 101" Explanation of APRS Path Selection & Digipeating