You can use APRS to advertise the location of your Field Day event. In your APRS application, like UI-View for instance, click on the location where the Field Day event is located, then go to the ACTION menu and select OBJECT EDITOR. Enter the IDENTIFIER info in the following format "FD-SEC-##" where "FD" stands for Field Day, dash, SEC is your ARRL Section, dash, and ## is a two digit number from 00-99. Get this number by searching FINDU.COM for the next sequential number not yet used.

For example, I live in the Eastern Washington ARRL Section. I would enter the IDENTIFIER as FD-EWA-01 after searching typing in this URL for a FINDU report: http://map.findu.com/FD=EWA*. The asterisk will return all stations entered with the FD-EWA-## criteria. Pick the next number from 00-99.

Under the COMMENT field type in some info about your field day, such as who the club hosting the event is, their call sign, or other info.

Under the SYMBOL field select CAMPGROUND. Click on OK and then check your map to make sure the symbol appears with the identifier you specified. In a few minutes, check FINDU.COM for the station.

You can count points for QSOs in APRS as long as the QSO is held on RF and no TCPIP or iGate is used. Check current Field Day regulations for more information.

Here is the search for all current Field Day postings:  map.findu.com/FD=*

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