Monday, May 12, 2008

First Post

And no Dear Google, this is not a spam blog. It will be used for real informative postings. Please see for our main home page.



David K7GPS said...

First impression is good, Bill. Are you thinking we kill the mailing list, which is still being bombarded with spam, 200 a day, and direct everybody over to this Google Blog? With the archives easily available we could even drop the Yahoo site, maybe. I posted a response to the other Blog here. This is text only, right? Or can we add a picture now and then????? Let's play with this for a couple days before we make any decision to terminate the mailing list. David


lets find out.

nope no pictures, at least not in this format.


who is the moderator? are you afraid someone is going to say a discouraging word? Heavin forbid.