Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Robert Bruninga to APRSSIG @ TAPR

Don't forget, APRS can now do global CQ's.

Although we don't get any special points for FD, APRS still makes a great demo!

Show those old fuds how you can communicate any where in the world via APRS in real time!

CQ FD works via the centralized CQSRVR application written byAE5PL. Just send an APRS message TO CQSRVR and compose it likethis:

CQ FD CQ FD from .... Your info here.

And it will be delivered to all other stations that have sent a similar message. You will remain logged on for 12 hours since the last message you sent. Then as you see incoming such CQ's from other stations, you send them the usual APRS message to confirm the contact. See details on:


For clarity, you have to repeat the original CQ twice, since the first copy is stripped off by the CQSRVR. Operate APRS at Field Day like never before! To heck with the points! C U There!


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