Friday, July 25, 2008

BigRedBee announces integrated APRS and GPS

BigRedBee, LLC is pleased to announce the world's smallest, completely integrated 5 watt 2 meter APRS/GPS transmitter.

Features include a frequency agile 2 meter RF transmitter (144 - 148Mhz), integrated SiRF star III GPS with patch antenna and 5 watts of RF power output. All on a single board measuring less than 1 1/4 x 3 3/4inches.

The high sensitivity 20 channel WAAS capable SiRFstar III GPS allows operation in areas where GPS reception is troublesome, including"urban canyons", wooded areas, even inside buildings.

Nonvolatile on-board memory stores more than 1000 waypoints at a user selectable rate which can be downloaded as a .kml file viewable via Google Earth.

An integrated voltage regulator allows direct connection to anautomobile (or any unregulated 12V) power source For truly portable operation, you may also provide power (4-9 volts) via (2)lithium-poly (7.4v) or (6) alkaline batteries (9.6v).

The transmitter supports fixed beacon rates, time slotting and SmartBeaconing (TM) for dynamic transmission rates based on speed and heading. For periodic operation, the GPS power may be powered downresulting in longer battery life.

For "high flying" projects, Trimble's Lassen IQ GPS module is also available for an additional cost, allowing battery powered operation above 18,000 meters.

Just plug in your SMA antenna and 12V power supply and you are on the air!



A BeeLine GPS 2MHP package deal is available for just $275, which includes a water resistant plastic case, automotive (cigarette lighter) power adapter and an RS-232 serial programming interface.

RF transmit antenna and batteries are not included.



The BeeLine 2MHPGPS is available now, but built to order. Please visit for more information including detailed pricing and ordering information.

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