Tuesday, October 28, 2008

PNWVHF - a fellow Amateur Radio group worth supporting.

While I've been following the PNWVHF Email reflector for some time it wasn't until I attended their annual gathering in Moses Lake that I learned just what a good group it was. Lots of support for on the air operation and activities, new modes, modern technology and just plain socializing... PNWVHF is also very closely related to NWAPRS in the Amateur Frequencies used so it's to our mutual advantage that both organizations be strong and well supported. Best of all, the PNWVHF lifetime membership fee is even cheaper then the NWAPRS dues.. Only $10 one time - that's about the same as Starbucks for two. It even includes a nifty membership certificate and membership number. They just passed number 400 - wouldn't it be neat if NWAPRS could bring this up to 500?

Click here for the PNWVHF website.

In these days of diminishing Amateur Radio activity it's more important then ever to support our fellow groups and projects.. I hope others on the list will join me in backing both the regional
groups like NWAPRS and PNWVHS as well as local clubs. Even if there isn't time to participate fully, a few nickels and the call on the membership list can mean a lot.

Bill - WA7NWP

PS. I'm also happy to support the Capital Peak Repeater group due to their support of APRS and the 96UHF network..

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Sunil Lakhani said...

Nice to know about your club activities.
Sunil VU3SUA