Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2010 APRS Golden Packet Attempt

On 25 July please consider participating in this year's APRS Golden Packet Attempt along the Appalachian Trail (and Pacific Coast Trail). Please see and also page 99 in July's QST. There is also an effort being made this year on the West Coast see

All it takes is a mobile with a D700 or FTM-350 to drive up to the top of the mountain and park for 4 hours.

Many teams have formed, but the New England area has many gaps from New York to Maine:

  • Sam's pt NY (not manned in 2009)
  • Mt Greylock
  • New Hempshire (innop in 2009)
  • Mt Washington (2009 team all moved to texas)
  • Middle Maine (not manned in 2009)
  • Mt Katahdin (not manned in 2009)

We still have not formed solid teams from these southern sites:

  • Huntsville AL
  • Lookout Mountain TN
  • Roan Mountain NC (maybe)
  • Comer's rock VA (not operational in 2009)(near Wythville)
  • Apple Orchard Mtn (near Roanake

It's a 4 or 5 hour event on Sunday Afternoon and a great way to escape the heat down below by getting up there on the mountain top. If you cannot participate, spread the word, and find an out-doors type that can. Most sites are DRIVE-UP sites, so just about anyone with a car and a D700 or FTM-350 can participate as a temporary digi site after proper set-up.

Think of it as APRS Field Day.

Bob, Wb4APR

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