Wednesday, August 11, 2010

SV2AGW Packet Engine Freeware Update

After about 5 years, a new version of the FREE version of the AGW Packet Engine has been released.

Version 2010-805 just went up on SV2AGW's web site a few days ago. According to the site, changes have been made to address new sound cards and to work better with USB -- serial dongles for PTT keying.

I can't say I saw any difference in performance in 4 installations on my various computers, but the setup dialog does make it a bit simpler to select between multiple sound cards if you have more than one on your computer.

Get it here:

Scroll down below the "Pro" version at the top of the page.

[ Note that the freeware version of AGWpe only supports the high (2100/2300 Hz) "PK-232" tones on HF 300-baud packet, while the pay-for "Pro" version also supports the standard (1600/1800 Hz) KAM/TNC2/MFJ-127x tones on HF. ]

*** IMPORTANT*** The AGW sound card TNC works well, --BUT-- is very sensitive to sound card sampling rate errors. Many cheap motherboard-based sound systems have MAJOR errors in their sampling rates which will keep AGW from working. (You will see the incoming audio on the built-in scope or waterfall display, but nothing ever decodes.)

Verify your soundcard's sampling rate with the CheckSR.exe test utility bundled with the MixW multi-mode soundcard program at:

Download and install the latest version of MixW as a trial. The CheckSR utility is a completely separate single-file-exe program placed in the MixW folder during the setup. It will function by itself, even if you don't purchase and activate MixW after the trial period.

If the 11025 Hz sampling rate is off by more than 50-100 Hz, you may want to consider an alternative sound system. An inexpensive USB-connected external sound system that works well is the Griffin Electronics "iMic" reviewed here on my web site:

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