Saturday, November 6, 2010

All I want for Christmas.....

I have my two front teeth, so here's what I want:

Uniden HomePatrol 1 Scanner.....OK, couldn't wait, and got it. Love it. Got the GPS cable which will auto adjust scan area based on GPS location. Anxiously awaiting Uniden mobile mounting bracket.

Kenwood TH-D72..... OK, ordered it from HRO $499 and hoping it will arrive by Christmas. Fingers crossed.

Mobile Emergency APRS Digipeater.....With intent on putting everything in a Pelican case..... Kenwood D710 transceiver with Green Light Labs GPS-710 GPS receiver, KPC-3+ TNC. Would configure this for 9600bd APRS one side of radio 144.35, and 1200bd APRS other side of radio 144.39 using KPC-3+ as external TNC. Would support both 12kbd/9600kbd APRS for emergencies or site survey for future WIDEn-N digipeater location.

BeeLine 2M tracker @ 9600baud. This would be the redundant tracker for my balloon satellite capsule on 144.35, no path, and supplement the primary tracker, a BeeLine 2M tracker @1200baud on 144.39, the primary APRS frequency, for balloonsat tracking.

A job...starting in January. I'm booked till then.

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