Saturday, March 12, 2011

Can we use satellite digipeater for power outage region?

One alternative for you may be to use HF APRS over digimodes.

I've written a program to do this and it can also be used by a mobile
station with a GPS receiver to send position beacons many miles away
using PSK and GMSK modes. The usual frequency used for this is 10.1497
MHz. There are igates in the US, Australia and Europe already using this
APRS mode.

It's written using MMVARI as the sound card engine and it should be able
to send Japanese characters entered as APRS messages.

The webpage is:

Set up details are available on:

If you try it and you need any changes please let me know and I will
respond immediately.


Chris, G4HYG

Cross Country Wireless Ltd

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