Tuesday, July 24, 2012

15th Annual NW APRS Summer Gathering - Call for Presentations

Greetings everyone,

Here we are with less than two months to the 15th annual summer gathering, so it is time we get our collective acts together and begin planning our event.

With so many new things happening in the APRS world we ought to be able to fill the weekend with great presentations and discussions.

What we need is about 5 key presentations, 4 or 5 demonstrations, and some Subject Matter Experts to circulate between presentations on Saturday. If there is enough interest we will expand the entire program over into Sunday.

  • What are you doing with APRS that you would like to share?
  • Are you running APRS on a new platform such as the Android?
  • Are you using any of the new hardware?
  • Have you become an expert with the Kenwood hardware?
  • Are you using messaging within APRS?
  • Do you know how DStar and APRS work together?

What would you like to know? Do you need something fixed? Other thoughts?

Please share with the group here at the nwaprssig what you can offer as well as what you might like to see demonstrated.

The event is once again the weekend after Labor Day, September 7th, 8th & 9th 2012, at Valley Camp east of North Bend Washington.

This is just the start of the planning so all ideas are open for discussion.
We also need someone to update the website as the event unfolds, any takers?

Please forward this on to other individuals or groups you think might be interested.

Thom / K7FZO

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