Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2012 Summer Gathering - Approximate Schedule

Friday September 7th: Objective: Socialize/Try Things Out/FUN!

Participants Arrive/ Demo Stations Setup on South Side of the Pavilion
3:00pm Free Beer for Trying Each New Digital Mode Chest Opens
5:00pm grill going – Cook something!

Saturday September 8th: Objective: Informative Talks with Time for Q&A/Discussion/Flexibility/FUN!

7:00am to 8:45 Breakfast hosted by the West Seattle Amateur Radio Club
9:00am Introductions in the Pavilion including identifying any topic or issue anyone needs assistance with this weekend & Overview of Your 15th Annual Summer Gathering - Curt Black, WR5J
9:30 Morning Technical Sessions (not to exceed 66% duty cycle - that is, we build in time for discussion and exploration)
12:00 LUNCH BREAK Social/Technical Demos and Discussion/
12:50pm Reconvene for GROUP PHOTO
1:00pm Afternoon Technical Sessions
5:00pm Open Discussion of APRS Applications and Hardware / Digital Radios Setups Demos

Dinner BREAK Dinner/Social/Technical Demos/Play Radio and Open Discussions

7:30pm Optional Talk – What Northwest Digital Hams Might Want to Know About Northwest Bats
8:30 – Movies and Popcorn – Buckaroo Banzai/Last Star Fighter/Who Killed the Electric Car? What Else?

Sunday, September 9th: Objective – Making APRS Better / Planning for Future Summer Gatherings / More Fun!

7:30am to 9:30 Breakfast hosted by the West Seattle Amateur Radio Club if you didn't eat it all on Saturday

Thanks and See you at the Summer Gathering near North Bend!

Curt Black

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