Sunday, December 2, 2012

New EMail Reflector for NWAPRS

Update 12/6/2012 - The list of email addresses has been collected and invites will be be sent starting today. There is a large number of participants and it remains to be seen how Google handles a process like this.   Yahoo had a limit on the number of invites per day and we may seem something similar with Google.

There is no way to differentiate on the types of email addresses.  Some were digests and others were no-mail.  As a result everybody will be sent the same simple invitation and you can adjust your settings accordingly.

This new system should be more maintainable and with a richer selection of other tools.  It will keep us going as we build an even better portal.



We're tentatively going with the NWAPRS Google Groups forum as a replacement for the NWAPRSSIG mailing list.!forum/nwaprs

Members of the old list will be sent invites but you can sign up directly at any time.    As before, the Yahoo group will be used as a message archive.

Bill - WA7NWP

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