Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What GPS for a Kenwood D710?

Legacy serial output from the GPS is required to feed the Kenwood TM-D710.


  • Get the new D710G - it has a built in GPS
  • GREEN Light LABS D710 GPS sticks on the back of a D710 control head. Buy at HRO. - Ken KQ4KK
  • The old standard Garmin GPS-12PC
  • The Garmin Montana has RS-232 NMEA I/O, a large color touchscreen, and can do on-street routing.  Most (but not all) of Garmin's Outdoor models (Montana, Oregon, Rino, GPSMAP 62/64) are NMEA 0183 I/O capable and will interface to a D7/D72/D700/D710 with the appropriate data cable. - Jerome, W0JRT
  • WA8LMF:  Today, nearly ALL small faceless "puck" type GPS units, and consumer display-type GPS units now have USB interfaces rather than serial. Two of the few that still have the RS-232 serial interface that you MUST have for use with the Kenwoods or common trackers are:
    • The Argent Data ADM-GM1 - $45.00
    • The Byonics Byonics GPS5 - $69
    • On  GlobalSat 07-BR-355-S4 GPS Receiver - $38.18
    • Note that this unit has a mini-DIN plug on the end of it's cable. You will have to make up another cable to separate the serial data out and the 5 VDC power in.

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Tanner Lovelace said...

I use a Garmin Oregon 450 with my D710. A couple of years ago Garmin updated it's firmware to support the Kenwood version of NMEA so that it supports proper icons from APRS. It works quite well and I have used it many times for high altitude balloon chases. -- KB4TYE