Thursday, June 18, 2015

Please check your station settings

We currently have three stationary stations generating over 500 packets a day - closer to 1000.   Better settings would have that at an adequate 50 packets a day...

  • If your mobile is stationary...   Configure it to slow down beacons.   Once every half hour is fine - a beacon every minute when not moving is not needed.
  • If you're doing telemetry - you don't need the heading and data rules transmitted every few minutes.  Once an hour would be fine.  Once every day or two would work if you're not making changes.
  • If your mobile is moving - you don't need to beacon every 10 seconds.   A transmission very couple minutes on the busy 144.390 MHz channel is adequate to show where you're at.  Better yet - use smart beaconing to send beacons when needed and not when not needed.
As for general configuration...
  • RELAY,WIDE is no longer supported.   You won't get the advantage of fill in digipeaters.  Yes - we still have stations using that path.


DPK said...

Where can we see the current top traffic generators?

Bill said...

We're still using the temporary address for the NWAPRS Wiki, but from there you can click on the link to the WWA Hog Active Stations list.