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2016 NW APRS Summer Gathering - Update 02, 2016-07-07

by Steve Stroh N8GNJ

Hello again.

This email list is intended to be an announcement list for the Northwest APRS Summer Gathering, held annually, usually the weekend after Labor Day (September), at Valley Camp near North Bend, WA.

Info about 2016 NWAPRSSG

Most importantly, the 2016 / 19th annual Northwest APRS Summer Gathering (NWAPRSSG) is ON!

Dates are:

  • Friday, September 9th, 2016 (Setup, no formal presentations, show and tell)
  • Saturday, September 10, 2016 (Formal presentations, evening movie)
  • Sunday, September 11, 2016 (Morning - debrief)

If you plan to attend the 2016 NWAPRSSG, please email Thom at Valley Camp that you plan to attend. This helps gauge interest and otherwise plan the event. If you plan to stay at Valley Camp for the 2016 NWAPRSSG - bunking, renting, or camping, please email Teena at Valley Camp that you'd like to discuss staying over.

If you're curious about Valley Camp, the wonderful venue of the NWAPRSSG, Lynn N7CFO has posted some nice photos of the 2015 NWAPRSSG here.

Given that the NWAPRSSG is loosely organized, and I haven't yet heard back from any of the usual suspects that often attempt some organization, I'm winging it at the moment in providing info about the 2016 event. But, I'm sure that eventually they'll get in touch with me.

There is no one (web) place for info on the NWAPRSSG, but given that it evolved out of the NW APRS group, the NWAPRS Blog ( and the NWAPRS Wiki ( are probably the best web pages for info on the NWAPRSSG.

From NWAPRSSG 2015 (worth repeating) from Curt WR5J

Summer Gathering - Rules Of Engagement

Have FUN!   Try out new things!  Meet as many new people as possible!

Satisfy your Thirst For Knowledge!

YOU MUST HAVE A GOOD TIME - if at any time you are not having a good time please find Curt Black - WR5J, - 206 755-4541c - and let him know what’s up and we will work to fix it…

Please meet your fellow participants. If you don't know someone, go find out what makes them tick - there is a treasure trove of interest and experience here - make sure you check it all out.

We would like to reserve the whole north side for presentations. Please don't set up equipment on the north side; please set up demos on the south side tables only.

Please socialize anytime, but during presentations, please move conversations to the south side with the Demos - we want everyone to be able to hear our speakers and their presentations.

If you have a QUESTION you would like answered during the Gathering, please:

  1. write it out and put it on the Kiosk, and/or
  2. bring it up during the introductions, and/or
  3. grab any of the presenters or other participants anytime during the weekend.
Don't leave without getting help or setting up future help!

If you are willing to act as a topic resource, please put your interests/areas of expertise on your name tag.

Please DONATE to Valley Camp to keep this beautiful venue available to us. The Mail Box for donations is on the railing of the main pavilion on the north side cleverly labeled, "Donations". We are hoping the day folks will help with $15 or $20 or more for the day (if you enjoyed the free breakfast, maybe add what that would cost in a restaurant) and $25 per night for overnight stays.

Thom and Teena and the SG Team (Curt, Bill, Ann, Brian, Herb) Thank You!

List Administrivia

Since my initial email to this list, I've received a few suggestions of people to add, and I've done so (welcome, Dave Dobbins!).

Although I started this list, and I'll likely continue to manage it, I don't intend to be the exclusive person to post to it. If you'd like to post to this list to provide information about the NWAPRSSG, drop me an email and I'll explain how to do so.

This list is an "announce-only" list - any replies you make won't be posted back to the list, but go to me as the list administrator.

I've published notification of this list to the "WETNET" mailing list and the MicroHAMS mailing list. Feel free to post this link to any other appropriate list of Amateur Radio Operators.

If you're using Gmail or other large email provider, likely messages from this list are being de-prioritized. In Gmail, they'll likely be put into your "Promotions" or "Updates" or "Forums" sections.

Please let me know if you'd like to be taken off this email list, or your email address changed, etc.; email me at

Please forward this email to any others who you think would like to be on this list. Anyone can subscribe to it at


Steve Stroh N8GNJ
listmeister for the Northwest APRS Summer Gathering

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